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The fourth self-Marketing Competition of Central China Normal University for College Students


College of Educational Information Technology (Reporter:Zheng Xuezhi) November 6th, The fourth self-Marketing Competition of Central China Normal University for college students was hold on the studio of the NO.9 teaching building. The competition was host by school admission and employment office, undertaken by the college of educational information technology and the college of mathematics and statistics and was co-sponsored by “Xing Guang student development center of the college of educational information technology. The contest was to deepen college students’ comprehension on self-marketing and improve their ability to obtain employment. The deputy director of admission and employment office Lang Dongpeng, director of Wuhan new media industry association and the CEO of Laihua Technology and Culture Limited Company Liu Jiali, the global recruitment director of FiberHome Communication Technology Limited Company Zenqi, the employment instructor of Central China Normal University Yang Guoqiang, the excellent constentant of the third self-marketing competition for college student Li Xintong were served as the judges of the competition. And Zhong Wenrui, the vice chairman of the party committee of the college of educational information technology attended the final competition.

  At first, the hostess Gong Xinxin introduced the competition’s rules and evaluation methods. Next, the first round which was about “Person display” started, its contents included self-introduction and self-talent showing. Ten competitors adopted PPT and narrating to introduce their advantages and abilities, besides, they showed their talents to all the audiences and judges through dancing, singing and intonation to reveal their core competence. Among them, the NO.7 contestant Qu Jiangang won the high praise from the audience for his good response ability and talent display—the song “We are all dreamers”. Judge Zen Qi commented on the performance of the ten contestants when the first round was finished, and after that, the hostess announced the list to advance to the second round of the competition. Contestant Lan Yuxin, Li Luo, Yang Ying, Qu Jiangang, Zhang Mengting and Wang Junting entered the second round of the competition.

The second round was about self-thinking and self-debating, including random answer and impromptu speech. The six contestants chose questions to analyze and reply, the NO.3 contestant Li Luo answered the theme of “responsibility and honor” combining her volunteer experience in the military games in Wuhan, also, she had a impromptu speech about a social topic “Do you think we should do a job ,then love the job or love a job, and then do the job?” and won the audience’s unanimous praise. After all the contestants accomplished their display, judge Liu Jiali and Guo Dongpeng commented the six contestants manifestations.

  After two rounds of competition, the hostess announced the final result, Li Luo and Qu Jiangang won the first place; Lan Yuxin, Yang Yuying, Zhang Mengting and Wang Junting won the second place; Cui Wanchun, Zhu Xueli, Pang Qing and Yan Mingxuan won the third place. There were another eleven contestants won the excellence award. The guests awarded for the contestants and then the contestants took a photo with the judges as a souvenir. Thus , the competition was over.

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